Homeowner Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

We offer a wide variety of policies to protect your home and/or a secondary, vacation/shore residence. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch choices and the most comprehensive coverage for homeowners insurance you can count on.

Call us today at 800-582-1200 to receive the best coverage and quick turnaround for New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes.

Our homeowners insurance companies provide the basic and additional coverage you need to feel safe and secure:

Basic Coverage:

  • Dwelling Coverage – Your home and any structures attached to it. Other Structures Coverage – Structures set apart from your home, but located on your property (i.e., detached garage or shed).
  • Personal Property Coverage – Provides coverage for personal property owned or used by the insured.
  • Loss of Use – Pays for living expenses when you cannot live in your home due to a covered loss.
  • Liability Coverage – This pays for your legal defense against a liability claim and covers any court judgments against you up to the policy limit.
  • Medical Payments – Includes emergency medical bills for anyone injured on your property or any injury caused by a member of your family or a pet, regardless of where the incident occurs.

Additional Coverage:

When it comes to protecting your home or assets from additional risk, you’ll want coverage that goes the extra mile! Conover Beyer’s homeowners insurance offers many optional features such as flood and personal property. Plus, Conover Beyer can provide coverage for coastal properties, for your primary residence or vacation home. Let our homeowner’s insurance specialists help you insure one of the most valuable assets you own – the right way.


A survey completed by International Communications Research found that over 64 percent of tenants do not have renters insurance. Surprising enough, this study also revealed that there are many misconceptions about this important coverage: it’s not necessary, it’s too expensive and it’s narrow in scope.

Tenants - heed this important message; many of you may be unaware of the high value of your clothing, furniture, computers and audio equipment. Replacing these items can costs thousands, not to mention the emotional toll it can take on you personally. We can help you save unnecessary stress with renters insurance that suits your specific needs as a tenant.

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